TYPO3 Consultancy

I think, when someone want to have a new feature or want to change something, the most important question is: What problem do you want to solve with this change? In my experience a lot of those enhancements are not really solving the problem of the user and for sure doesn't make the job of the user easier. With my TYPO3 consultancy services, I will help you make the job of your users' easier!

How can my TYPO3 consultancy services help you?

As said, I am always eager to know why users are asking for a specific feature. Most of the time, they already have thought about a solution. Together with the user, I check whether the devised solution actually solves the problem or how we can solve the problem in a different way. Always informing the user about the pros and cons of solutions.

Within my TYPO3 consultancy services I can do several tasks for you. Just some example of the tasks I can do for you.

  • Review the usability of the backend of your TYPO3 installation
  • Giving advice on how to solve the real issue
  • Help your team with TYPO3 best practices
  • Investigate what users need to do their job more easily
  • Helping you making decisions on updates
  • Discussing possibilities to have a more sustainable TYPO3 installation

Why should you hire me as a TYPO3 consultant?

I am sure I can help you to get the most out of a TYPO3 installation. I have gained a broad knowledge of TYPO3 and years of experience in smaller but mainly bigger projects.

TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant

I am a certified TYPO3 Consultant and have proven to have knowledge about all aspects that matter to give you the best advise.

Scrum Product Owner

Besides my knowledge about TYPO3, I am also a Scrum Product Owner and can help you to build the right things and be the connection between stakeholders and developers.

> 10 years of experience

I started back in 2010 with my first projects in TYPO3. Now, I have worked on over 50 projects. Smaller projects, but mainly larger and longlasting projects

TYPO3 core developer

While I'm a TYPO3 core developer, I have knowledge about the latest features and can help you setup a sustainable upgrade path.

What you get for free!

If you hire me as a TYPO3 consultant, I will give you (and the TYPO3 community) something in return. By default, I will donate 10% of the time you hire me to contributions to TYPO3 core or open source extensions. So for every 10 hours you hire me, I will spend 1 extra hour on TYPO3 core or community extensions. You also have the option to double the amount of time I spend on those contributions. Get in touch for the possibilities.

Get in touch!

Do you have a question? Do you want to work together? Just send me a message and I will get in touch as soon as possible.

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