Hello, my name is Richard Haeser

As the heading already said, my name is Richard Haeser. Together with my wife and two kids I'm living in Gorinchem, the Netherlands. In my free time I like (or better: have) to go to the gym. Besides that, I like to play volleyball. But to be honest, almost all time when I'm not with my wife or kids, I'm working on TYPO3 or the TYPO3 community.

My TYPO3 history

Before I started working for TYPO3 agencies I had about 5 years of experience working on webshops based on OScommerce. I worked on webshops for several local and national webshops and mainly did the integrations with payment providers and fulfillment. But I didn't do anything with TYPO3 yet.

alterNET Internet Solutions

In 2010 I started to work at alterNET Internet Solutions in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. As I didn't have any experience with TYPO3, I had to learn TYPO3 from scratch. To be honest: in the beginning it was quite hard. Altough TYPO3 isn't a German product at all, a lot of German webagencies do use TYPO3 and therefor a lot of information is written in German. After a couple of months I got the question to do the TYPO3 integrator exam on a TYPO3 conference. After only working a couple of months that was quite a challenge, but I accepted that challenge. I learned a lot about TypoScript and how to use it and I still thank my colleagues that helped me with that. The result: after only working half a year with TYPO3 I passed the Integrator certification! And that was the moment I really got interested in TYPO3.

At alterNET I worked as a TYPO3 developer on mostly projects for Dutch municipalities and accessibility and finding solutions with tight budgets where the most challenging parts of the job. Besides being a developer I became Technical Lead and in charge of the technical roadmap of alterNET. Unfortunaly there was no time working on open source projects at alterNET, so I only worked on customer projects.

After 5 years of working at alterNET I found out that I didn't had a challenge anymore. I became more and more a sales person without really working on the projects anymore and I really wanted to work on bigger projects. That was the time I start searching for another job.


In may 2015 I started as a TYPO3 developer at MaxServ. At that time the office was in Giessen (of all places) but I was able to go to my work by bike and it was a nice and cosy office. After only a couple of months we moved to a big office in Waalwijk, where we are still located. At MaxServ I started working on much bigger projects. From technical universities to multinationals, we created new websites for them. Besides the project I also got the possibility to work on open source projects. I joined codesprints and we even organized a TYPO3 core codesprint. I really do like working on TYPO3 itselfs and it pays off for me as a person as for the company. 

For me as a person it is great to learn new stuff because you work on parts of TYPO3 you might not even know it existed. So I gained a lot of knowledge and it feels satisfying if you can give back to the TYPO3 community.

As a company, MaxServ of course benefit from the knowledge I gain, but also from having the possibility to give their vision and try to match the vision of TYPO3 with the companies vision. Because if those visions are a match, I know for sure MaxServ continues using TYPO3.


One of the great things happened working at MaxServ, was the partnership with Yoast. They are the real SEO specialists and with their WordPress plugin they are helping over 6 million website owners worldwide to optimize their websites for search enigines. MaxServ was choosen to be the partner to develop a TYPO3 and a Magento version for the SEO plugins. I became the lead developer of the TYPO3 plugin and after 2 years now, we can say we can help a lot of TYPO3 websites with the plugin and still are going on. 

By gaining a lot of knowledge about SEO while working together with the people of Yoast, I also saw there were things missing in TYPO3 core for SEO. I started with contacting people if we want more SEO possibilities in core and to be short, it resulted in a TYPO3 SEO initiative

I can ensure you that I will continue working on Yoast SEO for TYPO3 as well as SEO in core.

My goals

As the technical lead of MaxServ I do have some company goals, but as this is my personal page, I will share my personal goals with you.

My first personal goal is to share my knowledge about coding in general but maybe even more on TYPO3. I will share my knowledge on several ways. I like to help people with their TYPO3 related problems, but also with giving presentations of TYPO3 camps, Developer Days etc. If you have a question, please contact me and I will try to help you.

My second goal is to make TYPO3 more famous in the Netherlands. I am convicened about TYPO3 and what the product can give to editors to maintain their website. Yes, this will hopefully result into having more competitors for MaxServ. But thats good! It keeps us focussed and with more agencies using TYPO3, we can also make TYPO3 even better. I do this by organising smaller and bigger events like small codesprints, but also Meet TYPO3 the Netherlands, together with the people of Redkiwi.

Both goals I take care of in both my free time, as in my work time.