As a TYPO3 developer, I know that it can be hard to find good information about TYPO3. That's why I started this website. To share my knowledge about TYPO3 with all of you. Ofcourse I will also mention information that is shared by other TYPO3 developers. Just to create the ultimate collection of information you need as a TYPO3 developer.


First of all the most important part of this website is the blog. At the moment you are looking at one of the first posts. I'm working on several posts on all kinds of topics within TYPO3. If you have a request, please contact me and I will try to get the topic in a blog post.


The second thing is that I will provide an overview of events that might be interesting for you. Because some developers also like the more commercial events of TYPO3, I will also add events like the TYPO3 conference to this overview. Do you miss an event? Please let me know!

Do you miss anything?

I have a lot of ideas to add to this website, but will start with those two parts. If you think you miss information or you have a great idea for this website? Please let me know! Either by adding a comment to this post, or by contacting me.

Interested in sponsoring?

I really like writing about TYPO3, but it also takes a lot of time. If you are happy with this website, please consider sponsoring me. It will really help me to be able to continue writing about TYPO3. You can already sponsor me for only 1 euro per month.